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Idiocracy previsited

Idiocracy previsited published on

Only a fool is about to expect sensible impressions from a trip to the USA when it begins with stupid questions. Exept Americans, everybody entering the U.S. has to find an answer to this:

In fact it’s better to stay at home and just watch „Idiocracy“ again, Mike Judge’s masterpiece of stupidity forecasting from 2006. Revisited in 2019, it’s a bit like watching contemporary news in the USA.

Imagine yourself taking a short rest in the Military Hospitality Lounge at Miami International Airport while travelling to the USA, trying to forget what you possibly have to do with genocides that happen somewhere overseas, and after a Full-body-massage you fall to sleep for a long time. When you wake up, channels on TV are called Beachbody TV and show nothing but ass. Fruit shops label healthy food like candy. Job offers require no skills but the ability of washing your hands. And of course: An improved, „smart“ water is available. It’s got electrolytes added. You are not sure about your name anymore. And then you find out, who’s president.